Back to it… again

Yeah, it happened again. Been focusing on the movement, neglecting the art. But it hasn’t been entirely neglected.

I watched The Force Awakens recently. Used to be a huge Star Wars fan, but my interest has waned over the years, especially after the prequels. But this one… I quite enjoyed. I am looking forward to seeing Rey turn into an awesome Jedi in the upcoming movies!

Since watching it, I’ve been slightly preoccupied with sketching female Jedi / Sith. Pretty faces and lightsabers — what could be more fun to draw??

Here are four of my favourites. They each took around 3-4 hours.






Back to it

I get invested in things. If I’m in art mode, I can spend hours at a time sitting and drawing, sometimes forgetting to eat, and certainly neglecting any kind of exercise regime. If I’m in fitness mode, I end up forgetting about the art for long periods in favour of giving my creative energy to running, climbing, stretching, and general moving around. I wish I could balance both at once — it would mean continuous and steady development of both over the long term rather than a slow and broken development in one or the other — but I find it difficult.

After months of physical development, stretching and strengthening my body, not so much as doodling a stick man, I recently started the drawing again. Already I’ve been neglecting the movement, but I’m fairly content with the last week’s worth of painting.



top to bottom: photo + digital painting, digital painting, pencil + digital painting

There are a couple more I’ve been working on which I’ll post soon. Hopefully I can start better balancing the art and the movement.

Notes from Nowhere

With a fresh new website, and continuing to move in a fresh new direction, adding a fresh new blog seemed the thing to do.

And, as there is nothing else at this moment that I have a passionate desire to share, we’ll start with a Mission Statement.

I’ll use this space to share my art — sketches, works in progress, finished pieces — and the art of others that I happen to be discovering or particularly enjoying. I’ll also endeavour to, as I have promised myself so many times in the past, record my ideas and any random thought processes that I deem vaguely interesting. I’ll also post updates about any other directions my work is taking.

For now, we’ll end the beginning with some recent Chinese calligraphy practice — variations of the character 德 De, commonly translated as Virtue.